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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad School 30Thanks, as always, to everyone who’s been reading, and thanks to those of
you who have written to me - I do appreciate it! And I apologize, as per
usual, in the extreme delay between postings. Life just Preteen Girl Models continues Preteen Girl Models to get
busier and busier, doesn’t it?
Chapter 30: TrafficThe weekend after Halloween, Ben called up and asked if I wanted to go see
a play with him, Joe and Tim (Ben and Tim were in a couple of classes
together). I thought that’d be a great idea, so I accepted. The plans
were to drive to Atlanta and have dinner before the show. And the plan
went off as it should.Well… kind of. Everyone being ready to go at the right time was about as
far as we managed before things went awry. Seriously - if I’m involved,
there’s always going to be something that goes… if not wrong, then at
least “differently than planned.”Tim volunteered to drive, having just inherited his mom’s old minivan when
his car (an ancient Ford Mustang - seriously, it had louvers on the
hatchback) exploded. I not-so-secretly suspected he didn’t take care of it
very well and that it had a lot of problems when he bought it, but I didn’t
say anything.Anyway, Tim and Joe picked me up, then we went and picked up Ben at his
apartment. We started to drive down to Atlanta and, as we got onto the
main highway, we hit a ton of traffic. Bumper to bumper, not moving at
all, and with time quickly running out, we were getting very cranky. Tim
was probably the most upset - since he was doing the driving and had
planned the entire thing. He was getting more and more frustrated with the
traffic when Ben turned to me.”Jake… I think Tim’s going to really lose it,” he said.”Yeah… your seatbelt on tight?” I said.We laughed, and so did Joe, but Tim didn’t. He was pissed.”Guys, seriously. We’re going to miss the play because of this traffic!”
Tim said.We tried not to think about it and sat there quietly. Tim was just
furious. And as we inched down the road we got closer and closer to the
time that we simply wouldn’t make it, even if the road opened up in front
of us. Then the ultimate - show time itself passed, and there was no way
we’d make it no matter what. We weren’t even inside the Perimeter yet.Tim was upset, but relaxed immediately since there was no hope. His mood
brightened since there was absolutely nothing that he could do then. We
started talking and joking around again. We were there, stuck in traffic,
and missed the play. And we were really stuck, too - we couldn’t get off
the highway because no one was moving at all.For about fifteen minutes, everything was normal. Then Tim apologized
again.”I’m sorry, guys. We should have left earlier. I’m sorry we missed the
show,” he said.Ben got a very devilish grin on his face and replied, “I think there can
still be a show.” He looked at me and winked, and I knew what was on his
mind.”Yeah, Tim - we’ll just do our own version here,” I said.”But don’t expect a lot of similarities. This is a creative
interpretation,” Ben added.And we popped our seatbelts off and turned to each other on the middle
bench. He leaned in and kissed me, Preteen Girl Models and I kissed back, the two of us
quickly starting our opening act. Our tongues were dancing over each other
and I was rubbing my right hand up Ben’s left thigh (he was sitting to my
right). I opened my eyes and out of the corner I saw Tim looking in the
rearview mirror. Joe was turned around in his seat watching.I broke off from Ben and decided to do a bit of actual storytelling.”Scene one,” I said. “Our protagonist has…” and I stumbled. I fell into
more essay-writing than storytelling.”Scene one, and our protagonist kisses the antagonist,” I said. “It might
be generic, but whatever. These things don’t have much plot, do they?”
They all laughed, and Ben kissed me again.We made out for a few minutes, while Ben ran his hand down my chest,
unbuttoning the buttons on my shirt. He pulled it off of me, revealing my
undershirt (hey, I was going to a play - I wanted to look nice, so I was
wearing nice clothes). He slipped that over my head between lip locks.”It looks like the protagonist is already winning!” Joe said.So I reached up and undid the buttons on Ben’s shirt. He was wearing a
tight polo shirt and no undershirt, so I slipped that off of him.”A-ha!” I said, “and not the Norwegian band, either! I am coming back at
you, protagonist!” And I removed Ben’s belt before leaning Preteen Girl Models in and sucking
on his left nipple. Ben threw his head back and breathed deeply as I
unfastened the button on his khakis and undid the zipper.”Oh yeah - the antagonist has to have the upper hand for a bit!” Tim said.
And I slid my hands into the top of Ben’s underwear and tried to shimmy it
down his body - difficult, considering he was still sitting. But he lifted
his butt up off the seat and helped me slide them off him. He kicked off
his shoes and then sat back, his dick already at full attention.”And now the antagonist introduces the crucial plot point… whatever
*that* is!” I said. As they laughed, I slid my mouth down Ben’s cock,
fondling his balls with my left hand.”Oh man, I love being the protagonist!” he moaned.We all laughed - I almost choked on his dick! But I Preteen Girl Models kept sucking, kept
moving my head up and down and rolling my tongue around his head. I could
see his toes curling in his socks when I played with his head - he really
liked that.After a few minutes, and again, no movement in the car, I stopped.”And the antagonist leaves, his plot put into action, leaving the
protagonist with a… quest or something,” I said.We all laughed again.”Scene two begins with the protagonist wanting… a piece of ass!” Ben said
as he lunged at me.”But wait!” Joe said. “The protagonist has been slightly wronged, but
surely it’s not a real quest if there’s not some other problem? Surely the
hero has to save some others!”"So he’s the hero now?” I said, laughing. “That makes me the villain, I
suppose.”"And we’re villagers, huh?” Tim said.”Yes!” Ben said, pointing and laughing, “that’s perfect!”"Okay,” Joe said, “back to the scene.”"Well, as I was saying,” Ben said, “this hero wants a piece o’ tail!” He
lunged at me again. He pushed both of my hands up against the window and
kissed me, moving down to my nipples and nibbling gently on each while I
moaned.As I’ve mentioned before, I like cars a lot - so here’s a description: we
were in Tim’s (mom’s old) Ford Aerostar. It had tinted windows that were
actually quite dark. Plus, the way the sun was shining in the very late
afternoon, we felt fairly certain we couldn’t be seen. And even if we
could have been seen by other cars, I don’t think any of us really cared.I moved my hands both into Ben’s left hand, feigning resistance while he
undid my belt, button, and zipper. With a smooth, quick move, my khakis
and underwear were slid right over my Preteen Girl Models ass and down my legs. I kicked off
my shoes and Ben let go of my hand. I pulled my briefs, pants, and socks
off. And yes, my dick was nice and stiff, too.I moaned as Ben leaned in and wrapped his mouth around my dick.”Oh! The hero is using the antagonist’s… oh man… own tactics against
him! Oh God!” I said.Ben came up off of my dick and said, “And our hero will not be denied! He
will triumph over evil!”"But not yet!” I said. “The villain makes his escape!” and Preteen Girl Models I crawled,
stark naked, over the middle seat Ben and I were sharing into the rear
bench seat.”And, scene,” Tim said. We all laughed.Ben said, “Oh, if only the hero-”Joe cut him off. “Wait - the villain *has* to wrong the villagers. We’re
not very oppressed up here.”"Yeah!” Tim said. “I mean, I can’t do much, but I could feel a bit more
like an oppressed peasant up here.”"Okay then… In our third scene,” Ben said, “the villain sneaks to the
village to oppress the poor peasants.”Ben moved over to where I had been sitting. I moved to the middle of the
bench seat in the back. And when Tim was looking, I dropped down. Then
popped up and shifted my eyes back and forth. I dropped again, and crawled
around, popping up next to Joe’s arm. There was no console, so I could fit
(kind of) into the tiny space between the front seats, even though it was
odd.”The villain,” I said, “sneaks into the villagers homes and, like he did
with the hero, he utilizes his weapons against them!”Joe was ready, and had already unzipped his fly. He pulled his dick out
and I sucked on it for a few moments. When I stopped, Preteen Girl Models we checked traffic.
We’d only moved about 10 feet since we started this - traffic really was as
close to a standstill as possible. Anyway, it looked like things wouldn’t
be moving anytime soon, so I turned around and went down on Tim for a few
minutes there in the driver’s seat. At the same time, Ben had leaned
forward, reached down, and started playing with my balls.I came up off of Tim and squatted there in between the three seats, my dick
pointing straight out. I looked at Tim and Joe and said, “And with that,
our antagonist returns to his lair” and turned around to go back to the
rear bench. I sat down and Joe continued the narration.”The villagers called on the hero. Save us, hero, save us!”"Yes, help us! We have been sorely oppressed!” Tim said.”But not as sorely oppressed as that villain will soon be, my good
villagers,” Ben said in his best mock-heroic voice. It was hilarious. I
was cracking up on the back seat as Ben said, “And oh no! My home!” and he
clicked the lever on the side of the middle smaller bench seat and folded
it forward. It basically stood there like a table in front of me.I moved to the far left of the seat and Ben sat on the right. He and I
could barely keep our faces straight as he said, “A-ha! I have you now,
antagonist! Prepare for the show down!”"And what do you plan to do about it, *hero*?” I made it sound as sarcastic
as possible.”I challenge you to a duel, evil-doer!” he said.”Very well! Prepare to meet your doom!” I said.Tim and Joe were about to lose it. Ben crawled over towards me and I
scooted down underneath. Both of our erect dicks hit one another as we
rocked back and forth making alternating sword-clashing and lightsaber
noises.”Wumm-wumm… clang!” we both said.We swapped places so that I was on top. “I have you now!” I said.Joe then spoke up, “And then the villagers appeared… with… um… their
pitchforks!”"Oh no!” I said, “The villain is stunned by this dramatic change of events!
His attention is drawn elsewhere!” And Ben and I changed places again. We
rubbed our dicks back and forth, more “wumming” and “clanging.”"One of the villagers gets the hero’s attention and tosses him a magical
potion,” Joe said, tossing Ben a bottle of hand lotion.”Oh no! The duex ex machina! The villain realizes he is overpowered. He
must flee!” I said, and started to climb over the folded middle bench in
super-super-slow-motion.Ben knew just what to do, though. He opened the lotion and put a generous
portion on his dick and spread some on my hole as I “fled.” He grabbed my
hips and pulled me back towards him as moved forward.”Not so fast, antagonist! I have you now!” he said.”Noooooooo!” I said, feigning Preteen Girl Models
horror, but obviously super-excited for what
was about to happen. And with that, Ben pushed his dick into me, getting a
nice moan from both of us, though I’m quite sure mine was louder.He thrust in and out of me fairly slowly, but it felt great. I pushed back
as much as I could, but we were a little restricted because of where we
were in the van. But it didn’t matter - Ben picked up his pace and fucked
me faster, pounding my hole and eliciting quite a few moans from me. I
looked up and saw Tim’s eyes in the mirror, fixated on what was happening
in the back of his van. Joe was turned around in his seat staring, too.Ben said he was getting closer and closer and I felt his cock expand
slightly as he blew his load into me. He went really fast this time, and Preteen Girl Models
know I’ve mentioned before how Ben was Preteen Girl Models able to time himself - sometimes
fast, sometimes slow. Today, it was definitely “fast Ben.” But that was
fine.As soon as he came, I shouted, “O, the villain, he is vanquished!”Joe and Tim laughed as Ben pulled out of me. Then Ben said, “Never fear,
villagers, the antagonist will trouble you no more.”Joe got a sly grin on his face and said, “So, can the villagers reap their
revenge?”"Well, yes - the villain is powerless now,” Ben said.I flopped forward on the folded bench. “By all means, denouement,
villager… denouement,” I said. We all laughed again.(I’ve mentioned before we could be a bit geeky, right? Just so no one is
shocked.)I moved my body around on the middle bench so that I was sideways, looking
out the left side of the van. Joe got out of his seat and came back
around, standing more or less in the side door’s footwell. I rearranged
myself as best I could, and he maneuvered as best he could, and he pushed
his khakis and underwear down just far enough to get his dick out. He
lubed up with some of the hand lotion and slipped right into me.He thrust in and out pretty quickly, getting a good rhythm going. Once
again I was moaning a bit, with Ben on my left watching and Tim on my
right, back to us but watching in the rearview mirror (which he had
adjusted slightly to see us better). I was looking out the left window and
could see a car below the window line, a woman sitting there in her Nissan
who had no idea what was going on next to her.Joe kept going at my ass, then began to pull all the way out and ramming
his cock back into me. It was rougher than I was used to, but after Ben
fucking me and being as turned on as I was, it just felt amazing. Each
time he pushed into me, I was moaning. After a couple of minutes he just
stayed in me, thrusting in and out, but not pulling all the way out. It
was great.I could feel myself getting closer and closer to blowing my own load. I
didn’t want to shoot all over the back of the car seat, so I looked around
for something. I said I was about to lose it and Tim opened the glovebox,
handing back a Preteen Girl Models
few tissues. Even though I was basically pressed to the
seatback, I could still get them under me - and just in time, too. The
moment my hand brushed by my dick, I shot my load, my ass clamping down on
Joe’s dick.He exhaled, just barely audibly, enjoying the experience. And it also
pushed him over the edge. While I my ass was clamped down on his dick as I
blew my load, I felt him shoot his wad into me.I laid still on the back of the bench seat there while Joe leaned forward
and rested on my back. He hadn’t pulled out, and I could feel the teeth of
his zippered fly rub against my ass cheeks and the buttons of his shirt
push on my back as he relaxed on top of me. We laid there for a few
minutes, then I turned and looked into the mirror. Tim was watching us,
and glancing around at traffic every few seconds.”A shame you’re driving, huh Tim?” I asked.”Yeah. Although Preteen Girl Models we’re not going anywhere at the moment,” he responded.”True… care to have your own with today’s antagonist?”"I… I think so. Joe, you’re in command of the village… in case traffic
moves,” he said.”Sure,” Joe said. And he popped out of me really quickly - almost
surprising, since I was still feeling the pleasurable and lingering
aftereffects. He zipped up, and with the van in park he and Tim switched
places. Tim got behind me and, since he was still unzipped, was able to
pull his dick Preteen Girl Models out and line up. Preteen Girl Models We didn’t even worry about lube - two loads
of cum plus all the lotion already in me made it plenty slick.Tim pushed in and, sensitive from having just shot, I moaned again. Tim
was really turned on and went really fast, thrusting in and out of me
amazingly quickly. It was good, but a little mechanical. Though I was
enjoying myself, I thought he might be worried a little bit about being in
a vehicle, fucking a friend in the middle of traffic.He didn’t need to be, though - shortly after he pushed into me, traffic did
start to move. I didn’t know until Joe put the car in gear and started to
move forward. We didn’t know at the time what the hold-up had been, but we
started moving at a nice slow speed down the highway, all the while Tim was
fucking me.Ben asked for Joe to turn on the radio, which he did. The song that came
on had a nice beat to it and Tim immediately switched his fast rhythm to
one that matched the bass line of the song. For every pound of the song,
there was a pound to my prostate. It felt awesome.Tim didn’t make it through the entire song - he blew his load midway
through, dumping a third load of jizz into me. But he liked the feeling
and the dance rhythm, and so did I, and while he came down off his orgasm
he continued to match the pace of the music. After the song, which just
happened to be a commercial break, he pulled his softening dick out of me
and zipped his khakis up.I laid on the bench for a few more minutes, watching Tim climb back up to
the front of the van and get into the passenger seat. I finally pushed
myself back up off the bench and put my feet on the floor. Ben put the
seat back the way it was supposed to be, though I noticed his dick was
already stiff again.”Really, hero? You’re already hard again?” I asked.”Well, yeah - I just watched you get fucked by those two and it turned me
on. Besides, fucking in time to the music is really hot,” he responded.”So I suppose this is where, after the credits, there’s that one last
scene?” I asked. Tim was turned around watching, though Joe was
concentrating on the road as we were now moving at a decent clip.
Occasionally he looked in the mirror.”If you don’t mind, Mr. Antagonist,” he said.”I prefer… villain… muhahaha.” And I rubbed my hands together.The three of them laughed and he climbed around the seat. I put my left
knee on the seat and my right foot on the floor, bracing myself on the
armrest on the wall of the van and looking out the window. A different
song, also with a good beat, had just come on the radio, and Ben pushed in
and started thrusting to the same beat. It felt awesome, and when the tune
changed, Ben changed Preteen Girl Models his rhythm, matching the new song perfectly. After
that song, another, to which he also matched.Then we slowed down again - not the song, but the van. We slowed down to a
crawl and went by a big accident scene. It was off to the left hand side
of the road, by the barrier dividing the highway from oncoming traffic. It
looked bad, and based on the debris looked like it had blocked several
lanes. So that was the reason for all the traffic. It was a weird
experience, driving by a bunch of firetrucks, policecars, Preteen Girl Models but no ambulances
(it looked like no one was hurt, despite a bunch of damage to the
vehicles), getting fucked in Preteen Girl Models time to the music, and moving down the road
like normal. If only people had known what was going on in that minivan!Ben kept fucking me through another song, then blew a second, probably
smaller, load into me. I was just getting into it again and was hard when
I felt him shoot into me. But he was done and pulled out.I went to put the tissues on the seat, to sit down on those and protect as
much of the car as possible, when Tim said there was probably a towel or
something in the back. Ben hopped around and looked over the back seat and
sure enough, there was a towel back there. It was kind of dirty - it
looked like it had been used to dry off the car, with a few streaks of
grease or some other muck. But folding it up, we made a nice little seat
for me. So I sat down, my dick pointing skyward since I was now hard
again, and Ben cleaned his dick off with the tissues.”You look like you need some more attention, Jake,” Tim said.”Um… maybe. But it’s okay,” I said. Ben had reached for his khakis and
it looked like the fun was over for the evening.”No, no - no one needs to be left wanting - Ben, switch with me!” Tim said.
And Ben did, taking his clothes up front with him. As he got dressed, Tim
leaned in and stroked my dick, whacking me off there in the seat. I
started breathing heavier and faster as he got closer, moaning a little
bit. And then I shot my load, just a little bit of it hitting my stomach
and the rest running out slowly. Tim leaned in and licked me clean.When he came up, he just smiled.”And… scene,” Joe said. We all laughed again.I sat there naked for a few more minutes while I dried a little, and used
the towel, despite it being dirty, to clean off some of the excess lotion
and (no doubt) cum on my backside. Preteen Girl Models
Then I got dressed.We went to dinner in town and then drove around the city for the evening
before heading back. Even though we’d missed the play we had planned to
see, we felt pretty good about the show that we had improvised.
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